February 23, 2019

At the table, after proposing drastic cuts to your benefits, the lead negotiator for Stop & Shop told us not to “begrudge the company” for making a profit. That tells us exactly what Stop & Shop thinks of its workers.

Stop & Shop is making proposals that do not honor the value its employees have created for the company. It is because of our hard-working members that Stop & Shop is the number one supermarket operator in New England, despite the company’s claims that they are “not competitive” within the market.

Stop & Shop has known for the past 3 years that our contract was set to expire on February 23rd.  But because of their continued corporate greed throughout these negotiations, Stop & Shop employees and customers now find themselves in a position where job actions may take place.

UFCW remains committed to working with Stop & Shop to achieve a new contract that honors the value and rewards the hard work of our members, which will in turn create the better shopping experience that Stop & Shop customers have come to expect.

The current contract expires tonight, February 23rd, at 11:59 p.m., however you are still working. Please continue doing the good job you always do as negotiations proceed.