Every day, all across New England, the employees of Stop & Shop work hard to provide the best customer service for countless equally hard-working families. We value every single one of our customers and their families.

That’s why we wanted everyone who shops with us to hear about the terrible cuts that Stop & Shop is needlessly proposing.

For the record, Stop & Shop is a company that makes enormous profit and is incredibly successful. It is successful because of the hard work of 31,000 men and women who truly value their jobs and what they do.

Instead of investing in what makes them a success – real people and customer service – Stop & Shop has proposed terrible health care and wage cuts.

Now, just imagine if this was happening to you or you family. It would be wrong. Well its happening to your neighbors and friends who work at Stop & Shop. And, it’s just as wrong.

These horrible cuts will not only hurt real people who work in the store, it will hurt customer service. It means higher turnover which can lead to fewer products on the shelves and longer lines at checkout – or even worse more self-checkout lines.

These kind of cuts will hurt our families and your families. It will destroy the customer service you rightfully depend on every time you visit Stop & Shop. To help protect all of us, and the men and women of Stop & Shop, we’re asking for you to help us.

Show your support next time you’re in a store.

Let your friends and family know what the Stop & Shop corporation is doing.

And, stand up for what is right – good jobs rewarding hard work.

Because the truth is this: when we make Stop & Shop a better place to work, we also make it a better place to shop.