Another week of bargaining has concluded in Providence with Stop & Shop.  Although there have been some significant agreements on language issues, we must emphasize the key sticking point that remains is preventing managers from performing bargaining unit work.  All the Locals are faced with the same problems dealing in this serious workplace condition.  This is EVERYONE’S fight including Shop Stewards and all members.  We currently have good language in our contract which forbids ANY member of management from doing work normally performed by union members.  While there is a determined effort by all Locals to either create or bolster existing language relating to this matter, we must all work together to patrol and enforce our contract.  If the company chooses to ignore these protected provisions, we will continue process the violations through the grievance procedure, as we always have.

When a manager does a job typically performed by union employees, it takes hours away from our members.  This means our members make less money, and it can even lead to them not qualify for medical benefits.  Do not let this happen.  When you see a violation, take note of the type of infraction, a picture and the details. Message us on FB or notify your shop steward or union representative so that an official grievance can be filed.

We have three additional dates scheduled for bargaining next week.  We anticipate at some point next week your employer will present their economic proposals.  We cannot respond appropriately to economics until we have full agreements on language proposals.  From all economic presentations given to us thus far by your employer, it is apparent that we will be confronted with proposals that indicate their desire to take money and benefits away from you and your coworkers.

Your bargaining committee is working hard for you each day at these sessions. Stick together with your coworkers and stand up for work and hours that belong to each of you. Don’t let your managers steal your money or your benefits by doing your work!