The United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 371 thank and salute all of our UFCW members who work in supermarkets and food processing to keep the food supply chain operative, and in nursing homes caring for our sick and aged family members.  These union members make daily sacrifices to assure the public they will have food for their family table and that their families are cared for.  Our members are among the heroes holding the moral fiber of this country together during this terrible time.


To those fallen, we owe a debt of gratitude we can never repay. Our prayers and best wishes go out for a swift and full recovery for those ill, and we extend our deepest condolences to the families and friends of those we have lost.


Workers’ Memorial Day was established fifty years ago on April 28th to recognize workers who died or suffered from exposures to hazards at work. It also encourages us to think of ways in which we all can help to achieve the goal of safer and healthier workplaces.


If you are able, please take a moment of silence at 10:00am on Tuesday April 28th in recognition of Workers’ Memorial Day.  This will allow you to honor your fellow union sisters and brothers who have passed away from COVID-19, take a moment to think of your colleagues, friends, and loved ones who are recovering from the illness, and to thank first responders and essential workers like yourselves for their continued service to our communities.


We implore our members to continue to work smartly and safely, and please remember you are an inspiration to all who are a part of this great union.