Despite some slight progress being made during contract negotiations, the company is still proposing unreasonable cuts that could impact us all.

Stop & Shop is trying to eliminate time-and-a-half pay for a large number of workers who have volunteered to work on Sunday, including any and all new employees.

This has the potential to seriously impact Sunday shopping as it could reduce the consistency of service and quality that customers rely on during one of the busiest shopping days of the week.

Our members want to continue to provide quality, specialized service in our stores and the company is making it increasingly harder to keep Stop & Shop a great place to work and shop.

Benefits like time-and-a-half Sunday pay are common sense benefits. Our members help customers get the quality food and quality service that they deserve. The truth is, cuts to Stop & Shop workers’ benefits are cuts that will hurt us all.

UFCW Local 371 is committed to ensuring our members and the community continue to have good jobs…the kind of jobs that New England families deserve.

No hard-working person should have to worry that the company they made successful could one day turn around and pull the rug out from under them.

One good job should be enough for New England workers. One good job should be enough for us all to afford health care for ourselves and our families and ensure that we can save for our futures.



April 3, 2019

Brothers and sisters:

The company is continuing to be unreasonable, so no progress was made today.

The federal mediator has requested that all five Locals meet again tomorrow morning.

We will keep you updated.

Every day, all across New England, the employees of Stop & Shop work hard to provide the best customer service for countless equally hard-working families. We value every single one of our customers and their families.

That’s why we wanted everyone who shops with us to hear about the terrible cuts that Stop & Shop is needlessly proposing.

For the record, Stop & Shop is a company that makes enormous profit and is incredibly successful. It is successful because of the hard work of 31,000 men and women who truly value their jobs and what they do.

Instead of investing in what makes them a success – real people and customer service – Stop & Shop has proposed terrible health care and wage cuts.

Now, just imagine if this was happening to you or you family. It would be wrong. Well its happening to your neighbors and friends who work at Stop & Shop. And, it’s just as wrong.

These horrible cuts will not only hurt real people who work in the store, it will hurt customer service. It means higher turnover which can lead to fewer products on the shelves and longer lines at checkout – or even worse more self-checkout lines.

These kind of cuts will hurt our families and your families. It will destroy the customer service you rightfully depend on every time you visit Stop & Shop. To help protect all of us, and the men and women of Stop & Shop, we’re asking for you to help us.

Show your support next time you’re in a store.

Let your friends and family know what the Stop & Shop corporation is doing.

And, stand up for what is right – good jobs rewarding hard work.

Because the truth is this: when we make Stop & Shop a better place to work, we also make it a better place to shop.


After an amazing showing of strength and solidarity during last week’s strike vote meetings, we have never been prouder to stand up on behalf of our hardworking union family. Our international brothers and sisters, representing Ahold Delhaize workers in Belgium and the Netherlands even flew in to Providence this week to address Stop & Shop directly at the table, calling their actions “shocking,” “scandalous,” and “disrespectful.”

According to the Stop & Shop negotiators, they’ve “heard us loud and clear.” Now it’s time for them to prove it.

Stop & Shop negotiators have made, what they believe to be significant progress in their proposals, but we are still far apart from reaching an agreement that truly values and respects your hard work.

It’s the pressure you’ve been putting on the company, through the conversations you’re having with your co-workers, the union gear you’re wearing in the stores, your social media posts, and our customers’ comments of solidarity and support, that is getting us closer.

In the meantime, if you are being asked to sign new or different work policies by management, or are being exposed to more difficult working conditions, or asked to waive your Weingarten Rights (see below), contact your union rep immediately. Continue sending us pictures and information that you’re getting in your stores and make sure you pack warm gear and comfortable shoes in your trunk or locker in case of a work action.  Because as our brother union negotiator for Ahold Delhaize’s supply chain in Belgium, said today “A decent contract or a strike, we are ready for both.”