There are many misconceptions about the minimum wage.  It is true that much of our Stop & Shop negotiations centered around increases for members who have been working for awhile, so that their wages are not compressed with those of new hires if the minimum wage is increased.  However, over all, an increase to $15.00 per hour helps many of our members, and not just the way you might think.  Yes, many of them will receive a dramatic increase in their take home pay.  The other important thing to remember is when the minimum wage is increased, it gives working families more money to spend. One of the first places they will spend their money is on food, thereby bringing more business into many of the companies your union represents.   According to, people earning minimum wage spend everything that they have, because they do not have enough money to meet all of their expenses.  This means that when their wages are increased, all of their money goes directly into the economy.  The state of CT House of representatives has already passed a law to increase the minimum wage over time to $15.00/hr.  The State Senate still needs to vote, and Governor Lamont has said he will sign it if it passes.

Our new three year agreement was ratified on Thursday, April 25th unanimously by voice vote.  Highlights of the contract will be sent to each store and posted by the shop stewards for everyone to read.  Full contracts will be mailed once they have been reviewed, signed, and printed.  Check out the video below!





While talks continued with the company today through the federal mediator, Stop & Shop is still demanding major concessions that could severely impact your ability to provide for yourselves and your families.

We reaffirmed to the company that our members are strong and will continue standing together, rain or shine, until the company does the right thing.

We know the company is selectively releasing information to the public about what they have proposed. They are only telling part of the story. The concessions they want would affect members in different ways and we will leave no member behind.

This is about fighting for what is best for you, your customers, and for the future of New England jobs.

So keep sharing your stories with customers and reminding them that by not shopping at Stop & Shop today, they will make Stop & Shop a better place to work and shop in the future.

We appreciate all that you are doing to fight for better jobs. We expect to continue negotiations in the morning.

After months of trying to bargain for a fair contract, it has become apparent that our only choice is to take a job action.  All New England UFCW members employed at Stop and Shop are on strike at the 253 stores in New England.  Please honor your sisters’ and brothers’ picket lines and shop at these other grocery stores who have workers represented by UFCW:

  • Shop Rites in the following towns: Hamden, West Haven, Milford, East Haven, Stratford, Enfield, West Hartford, Canton, and Orange
  • ACME Markets: Riverside, New Canaan, Greenwich, and Stamford
  • Fairway Market: Stamford
  • Food Bazaar: Bridgeport
  • Kings Supermarket: Greenwich