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Public Press Statement from the UFCW and Affiliated Locals

The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) International Union International President Marc Perrone released the following statement on behalf of UFCW Locals 27, 100R, 152, 342, 371, 400, 464-A, 1245, 1262, 1360, 1500, 1776 and RWDSU Locals 338 and 1034, after meeting with A&P executives to discuss the future of A&P and its proposed sale. 

“For years, the hard-working men and women of A&P not only did their jobs, they personally and financially sacrificed to invest in A&P’s success. These sacrifices were made for the sake of their families, their co-workers, and the customers and communities that they deeply care about. Now, at this critical time, after repeated mismanagement and strategic mistakes made by company executives, A&P is asking for even more. Enough is enough!

“Instead of asking for more sacrifices to pay-off a select group of executives and corporate investors, A&P should be focusing on their workers and their families during this challenging time.

“We want to be very clear, our members and their families sacrificed. They invested financially and personally in the success of these stores and they remain committed to working hard to make these stores a success for any responsible buyers. But make no mistake, we will not take part in any effort that asks them to give up what they have earned and deserve.

“Looking ahead, we will work cooperatively and constructively with anyone, but we will fight back with everything we have if A&P or its financial backers attempt to further exploit our members. For A&P to ask our members to give up their rights and benefits is simply unacceptable. Moreover, it is an insult given that it is our hard-working members who have and will make these stores a success. In fact, what will make these stores a true financial success is new and responsible management, not more sacrifices by A&P’s hard-working men and women.

“If A&P, its executive team, or its investors want to play the blame game, they should all look in the mirror. 

“Now is the time for A&P to do what is right and we fully expect that they will honor their responsibilities to its employees, our members, and their families.”  

UPDATE Regarding Ahold DelHaize Merger

To all Members at Stop and Shop, please read the letter below from Mark McGowan, Division President, to President Wilkinson


Dear Mr. Thomas Wilkinson,
As you may be aware, Royal Ahold N.V. (Ahold) and Delhaize Group (Delhaize) today announced that they have entered into an agreement to merge. I wanted to make sure you received the attached press release as soon as possible.

Ahold and Delhaize have businesses that share common values and proud histories, deep commitments to customer service and sustainability and neighboring geographies in largely separate markets that complement each other well. Most importantly, both companies have businesses with great people.

The new company, which will be named Ahold Delhaize, will have a portfolio of strong, trusted local banners with, in total, more than 375,000 associates serving more than 50 million customers every week. Ahold Delhaize’s retail stores will continue to operate under their existing banners and the merger brings together two successful companies to support Stop and Shop New England in being an even stronger and more innovative retail leader for the customers, associates and communities that we serve. With enhanced scale and reach, Stop and Shop New England will create new ways to meet the needs of its customers, new opportunities to expand its market leading digital platforms and new opportunities to make Stop and Shop New England and even better place to work.

The announced merger is subject to regulatory review and shareholder approval. We expect it to be completed by mid-2016. I will keep you posted along the way. Information and updates about the merger will also be available at http://www.adcombined.com.

Thank you for your continued focus on making Stop and Shop New England as strong as it can be.
Mark McGowan


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